Black Car Service vs Chauffeured Service

In choosing a premiere transportation, your choices primarily go on either black car services or chauffeured services. At first look, both services sound similar but they are actually different. Chauffeured services are usually provided by large companies who are known to provide high quality service. On the other hand, Black Car or Limo Services are way smaller, and are more simple. They commonly have independent contract drivers without systematic operations.

Black Car Services
As mentioned above, Black Car Services works in different ways as with professional chauffeured services. Particularly, the limousines or sedans being used are not owned by the company who are offering such services. Instead, they belong to independent drivers, who drive their personal vehicles on behalf of the black car service.

More like a taxi cab service, when you reach out to a local black car company, they will contact and dispatch the driver who is currently nearest to your location. Sound like a simple system may be, it is more prone to problems due to lack of accountability between drivers and the service.

Even so, vehicles driven by black car service drivers are regularly inspected for quality, condition, or cleanliness. Maintenance is checked monthly to ensure that the vehicles will experience no automobile issues. They are also sanitized daily to guarantee the safety of every passenger.

Another good thing for black car services is that it is more likely affordable than the chauffeured services. However, the rate still depends on the car you have chosen and the distance of your two destinations: pick up and drop off. Other additional charges may also apply but every cent added to the rate is shown for transparency purposes.

Basically, each service is different from another, and there are several established black car service companies with commendability records just like Black Car Rides.

Chauffeured Services
Meanwhile, professional chauffeured services provide reliable and luxurious transportation to mostly corporate people and business individuals. Expert chauffeurs are examined with a thorough QA test, trained well, and tested to drive transportation that is efficient, safe, swift, discreet and especially, with style as well. When you decide to have executive transportation services with a chauffeured sedan, you can guarantee that you and your guests will ride in style and comfort.

Chauffeured services fleets are also guaranteed to be clean, fully insured, well-maintained, and are latest models. For most people with hefty purposes like business transactions, corporate meetings, conferences, and other grand events, the high-end executive transportation or chauffeured services is the best option to go. For more information on executive ground transportation choices, rely on Black Car Rides today.