Distinguishing Between Traditional Black Car Service Vs Luxury Chauffeur Service


If you frequently make use of quality car services, you will be able to tell that there is a distinguishing difference between a black car service and a luxury chauffeur service. Though these two services have the same objectives, the standards that they aspire are transparently distinctive. At every stage or level, you will be able to spot the difference. 


In every car service, the drivers and the cars are the first aspects that customers and other people see, and when it comes to professionalism and quality, there is no equal comparison between these two services. Another glaring difference is that the caliber of people that prefers either of these services will tell. Those who have the taste for quality always go for chauffeur services. However, some differences cannot be seen from a mere look. These are what we want to highlight in this article. They are very important to consider when choosing a car service. 


Aspects like backup cars and drivers in case of emergencies, experience level, type of insurance policy, driver quality and so many other aspects are what will place chauffeurs services in a separate class from an ordinary black car service.

Individual safety


Personal safety and security are the chief concerns of responsible customers. There are some notable differences in the offered by these two services which must be considered when booking a car service or chauffeur service. At the normal black car services, the cars they make use of most times are not owned by the company. This equally means that the healths of the cars are not monitored and the drivers’ insurance is not guaranteed. These kinds of car service always opt for the cheapest means of getting things done and not through the proper standard. Putting their passengers at a high risk. 


When it comes to chauffeur service, there are stricter policies for safety. For instance, the liability insurance for a traditional black car service is far less than that  of a chauffeur service.

Certified drivers make a huge difference

Do you know that the driver of a car is as important as the car? This is another aspect where chauffeur services thrive better than a black car ride. Their drivers are compulsorily pass through various training and tests. Up-to-date licenses and health check-ups, years of experience and excellence sense of dress. Everything about them has a touch of professionalism. They can switch normal transportation into an adventure ride. This is one of the reasons they attract customers with high tastes and celebrities. You can make yourself a celebrity by going with a luxury chauffeur service.

Luxury cars matters


The vehicles that are used for black car services are more often older and not properly maintained by the owners. The worst is that they are often not owned by the company. This situation leaves a customer with little or no option. 


Luxury chauffeur services are far better in this aspect. They own their fleet of varieties of cars that are professionally maintained and serviced before any trip. Standard methods are applied when it comes to vehicle maintenance. There are latest and trending car models, plus a variety of sizes to fit your requirements. With a luxury chauffeur service, your choices are unlimited and there are extra features offered at your request to make your journey a fun trip.

Why Choose Black Car Ride Luxury Chauffeur Service?

Of course, either of these two car services can get you to your destination, but the method by wish they offer their services are quite different. Imagine alighting from a jalopy, smokey vehicle with a rough-looking driver and from a flashy, luxury ride with a driver standing by the door to open up for you with a bold smile, all right in front of your client. That is what you stand to get with Black Car Rides. Our services are incomparable, and our features are unlimited. Make your bookings plus extra requests today and we’ll get it done just as you want, according to the world-class standard.

Black Car Service Vs Luxury Chauffeur Service