Accordingly, if you are looking for fun things to do in summer, there’s never been better than LA. If you want a crazy wild party the whole night, LA got a bunch of bars and clubs. If you feel like going into an adventure, it has several amusement parks and adventure tours. If you are seeking for a kind of beach vibe, you can chill out and beat the heat at the famous beaches in the city. Lastly, if you want to go sightseeing, LA definitely has a lot more to offer knowing that it is the home of top-rated attractions and world-class historic sites and monuments. 

In general, Los Angeles is a city like no other. Whatever you feel like doing, they always got a place to suggest and a thing to do to wipe off your weary feeling and boredom. Here’s a top 5 list of the best thing to do in summer at Los Angeles:

Go surfing at Santa Monica 

Seize the calm vibe with the cooling palm trees and unlimited waves at the beach of Santa Monica. You can either have fun surfing or just plainly enjoy the refreshing seawater. You better bring your family or friends with you when you go here.

Revel the best-tasting ice creams of LA

As summer in Los Angeles would burn your skin out, you surely need something that would soothe the high temperature. You should try to indulge in the mouth-watering ice creams in the city.

Explore LA’s Canyons

The overlooking canyons are undeniably satisfying once you reach upon the worn-out roads. Folktale era and love stories may have caught our interest and spread like wildfire in our imagination, but it never left the canyons. These mysterious tales and magic behind these mountains encourage people to discover the place.

Experience a Free Concert

LA is known as the home venue of world tours and concerts of some famous international performers, musicians, singers, and artists. Hence, once you go to Los Angeles, chances of going into free concerts are a bit high. Moreover, free shows are everywhere in the city, especially during summer moments. From the Getty into the downtown, you’ll never go ahead without passing by free concerts and shows.

Avail a Free Outdoor Workout Session

Instead of going to the gym and paying bucks for an instructor, why not join yourself in the company of trainers who offer free workout training in best circuit training parks just along the road. You will definitely have fun being with a bunch of attendees in the session.