Car service is marked with solidity, professionalism and high level customer service. You’ll be swept by luxurious vehicles driven by a friendly and experienced driver. Meanwhile, public taxis work when you are about to go somewhere nearer from your place, however there is no assurance of arriving in your destination early or on time. Hence, if you’re searching for transportation for airport transfer or for business matters, a luxury private car is way better than a taxi. Here are some of the differences between car service and taxis.

Comfort & Security

Nothing beats the luxurious appeal of private black car service. The best car service provider in town offers access to modern first-class sedans, SUVs and limousines. Black Car Rides offers the classy Cadillac XTS for our Black executive sedan service, with its plush leather seating, privacy glass, and dual-zone climate control. The XTS in whole, offers an ultra-comfortable and stylish ride.

With taxis, on the other hand, you have the least to get. You could either get a neat and nice car or a car that hasn’t experienced a vacuum in months. With taxi cabs, it’s always a doubt concerning cleanliness, spaciousness, and comfort.



Safety, Punctuality & Experience

Taxi drivers usually don’t know the roundabouts around the city. Not only making taxi cabs lousy and inconvenient, but also creates a questionable impact on the safety of the passengers. Imagine a driver who’s staring at the GPS at all times, the probability of getting a road crash for not keeping an eye on the road is definitely high.

Meanwhile, private car service guarantees a much safer experience. The driver is knowledgeable of both the main and feeder roads, and has discretion about which one to take to make the ride comfortably better and which way would help them arrive in the destination earlier. Most car service drivers are also required to pass the screening and training to be licensed. Hence, the result is a safer, and more notable experience.

Excellenent Customer Service

With a driver who is thinking of reaching the daily quota and even higher than that, you can never expect excellent customer service. Often, taxi cab drivers are more worried about the daily income rather than the quality of service which somehow results in taking more speed when driving. In as early as possible, they want to get you in and out, so they can move on to the next fare. But with a luxury car service, your safety and comfortability are primarily the driver’s concern which creates a high level of experience.


Affordable Flat Rate Pricing

Prices of taxi cabs usually fluctuate, and you will end up not knowing exactly what you’ll pay. Surge pricing, for instance, can make a late-night cab expensive and way higher than the usual rate, and you will end up paying 2 to 3 times than what is supposed to be the basic rate.

Whereas, if you book for a premiere car service, you will already be informed with the overall price including the additional charges even before the service will start. Therefore, at the end of the trip, you know exactly how much you’ll pay. You’re quoted a base fare for a set amount of time, and beyond that, your only responsibility is leaving a tip for the driver but of course, that is a sole decision to make.



Have you experienced having last-minute decisions right before you arrive in your destination? On your way to the place, there is a higher chance that you might forget something important for your trip. Let’s say, you forgot your powerbank for example. As you needed that thing very much on your trip, you can’t move forward without having it. So, you decide to make a stop over at a one-stop-shop. When you’re riding a taxi, you can never make a stop and ride again for the second time around then expect for the same price. Unlike for private car service, your chauffeur will be glad to make unexpected stops and patiently wait for you. You can’t look forward to that kind of service when you book a taxi. Most taxi drivers don’t consider waiting, and if they do, it’s only after a hefty fare increase



If you are an entrepreneur with daily business transactions, you definitely need transportation that is presentable and luxurious to create a lasting impression to your clients and for them not to underestimate you. Black Car Rides service is perfect for you.

Our drivers value punctuality and we always encourage them to show up earlier than the expected pick up time. As chauffeurs, we require them to wear business or formal attire to suit with the passengers we are carrying. With a clean vehicle, and polite and friendly service, you can expect a first-rate and professional customer service. If you want to show a client they’re special, black car service does that.