Engaging your cars on long trips often feel like an unending race. If you plan for a long-distance trip and can’t depend on your car, that is not a good sign. When you break down on the road you use daily is a better situation, imagine when it breaks down thousands of miles away from your abode, leaving you stranded. Caring for your car should be done on a daily routine. It is very wrong to assume that your car is sound and ready to hit the road. Taking a break or vacation away from your busy schedule is characterized with relaxation and fun. The critical difference between fun and misery lies in how well you take care of your car or cars. Before embarking on that journey, make sure you submit your trip plan to someone you trust: a family member or a friend. This article will help give useful insights into how to care for your car, your trip, as well as your loved ones.

Essential Maintenance To Be Carried Out

Beneath are some maintenance tips to be done before taking that road trip.

  1. Fluids

Fluids are considered to be the life wire of any car. Interval servicing of your car’s six major fluids depends on mileage. It will be best to have in mind how far you drove ever since your last service and how far the journey will be. This will enable you to determine which fluid needs attention. Here are some primary vehicle fluids to discuss below:

  • Oil: You need not be an engineer before you know oil is essential for the engine to work. Pistons, crankshaft and camshaft which are components found in a car must be oiled to ease movement. It is best to check the manual appropriately before setting a schedule for oil changes. Make sure you check the gauge for the oil. 
  • Radiator Fluid: Radiator helps keep engines cool when they produce heat. Radiator fluid also called antifreeze, is designed to extract the heat from the engine. When the fluid in the radiator is low, it will result in overheating. It is best to check your radiator and add more if need be. 
  • Brake fluid: Do you know that pressing the brake pedal compresses the fluid, slows the car movement. When you notice the pedal is spongy, it merely means the fluid in the brake is contaminated. Not to worry, you have to extract those contaminated fluids. 
  • Power Steering Fluid: Contemporary cars have a power steering that enables turning the wheel quickly, especially when at high speed. This fluid can also be contaminated, making it difficult to respond when you steer. Why not check the fluids level before hitting the road.  
  • Windshield fluid: There is nothing more beautiful than having your car windshield looking spotless when driving. Adding a washer fluid for the windshield is basic.
  1. Tyres

Tyres are essential for ensuring safety, and we must check them before leaving. When tires are too inflated, it reduces the quality of the car. Tires also wear out when wrong air pressure is inserted. Most cars will let you know the volume of air required in the manual that will be provided. Also, driving habits and road condition makes tires wear out quickly. Make sure you replace immediately when you notice the tire is punctured or when sidewall bulges occur. 

General Maintenance

Air filters: A road is a dirty place. Air filters help prevent dirt and dust from entering the interiors of the car. Make sure you replace your air filter cause they can be clogged, thereby reducing the engine performance. The air filter must be changed once a year. Good to know that air filters are less expensive and can be replaced with ease. 

Light bulbs: To help reduce accidents or avoid getting pulled over, having a right headlight is critical. To check if the light bulbs are working, make sure you turn on your car, switch on the light, and walk around to check if any bulbs are burnt. If any of the bulbs are burnt, replace immediately.

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