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Essential Safety Features On Modern Day Vehicles

Gone are those days when the safety features present on cars are just airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes. In today’s world, buyers who are willing to invest in cars won’t let go of their money if what they see in the car does not convince them positively. This is so as results have proven that better safety features installed in cars have helped reduce drastic road crashes or fatalities. This article will help list the top six safety features every buyer wants to see in a car.

Key Safety Features In A Car

The following are some of the basic car features we should not ignore.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

Drivers lookout for this feature before they purchase a car. The Automatic Emergency Brake allows cars with this feature to automatically brake when they do not react quickly to a possible collision. Most car users who have this feature present in their car say the Automatic Emergency Brake reacts much faster to urgent situations that they would have reacted to.

  1. Lane Keep/Lane Departure Warning

These features are also unique. This feature will be discussed as one, since they both function in the same place, the lane. The lane departure signals you by giving a warning sound or at most might make a buzzing sound on the steering wheel. The lane departure signal tells you that you are crossing the white lane consciously or unconsciously. On the other hand, lane keep will make a buzzing sound while steering you back gently into your original lane when you move away from the lane. This function should be turned off once the lines are faint or the system finds it difficult to detect lines.

  1. Blind Spot Detection

For some of us who went to driving schools, we were taught to continually look over our shoulder and look at the side mirror to know when a vehicle is approaching. The blond spot detection helps notify you what you could see and tells you when a vehicle is approaching. The blind-spot detection feature does this by shining a small orange colour through the door mirrors.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature is present in almost all new cars. It uses sensors and radar placed in the grille and then locks onto the car in front while maintaining a distance by applying the throttle by itself when acceleration is needed and hits the brakes automatically when the road begins to congest. This great feature is suitable for drivers who are cruising the highways or heavy congestion on the road. When the Adaptive Cruise Control foresees a collision ahead, it hits the brake immediately and also helps to tighten the seat belt.

  1. Rear-View Camera

This type of camera has two main functions; the first is that it gives the driver a clear view of what lies behind when trying to reverse, and it also helps to safeguard people from being hit. The rear-view camera provides a backward view, and it uses wide-angle lenses.

  1. Safety Exit Assist

This feature halts kids from opening the vehicles’ doors when cars or any other movable objects are approaching. The Safety Exit Assist will soon become the most sought after feature for parents who have a young one. It is also an extension of the Blind Spot Detection.

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Essential Safety Features On Modern Day Vehicles