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Terms & Conditions


Black Car Rides promotes a cashless booking system. We process your payments and bills through online transactions. In every booking, we show you the estimated total fare including the gratuities and overall charges except the waiting time rate, stops, parking, or toll fees. The latter is to be determined after the completion of the ride. 


1. We include a 20% gratuity on the fare. 
2. A 10% admin fee will be added to the base fare on all services. 
3. $50 fee for Airport Greet Service.
4. A $20 fee is applied to all stops taken on route plus the waiting time.
5. $20 additional fee applies for pick-ups scheduled between 11:30 PM to 5:30 AM.
6. Two-way tolls, airport charges, and parking fees may apply depending on the service.


Black Car Rides does not provide any child car seats. If in any case the passengers bring children on board, they will be the ones to bring and install the child safety seats in accordance with state and federal laws.


For car services utilizing Sedan, SUV, Stretch Limousines, Vans, Minibuses, Sprinters, and Motor-Coaches, we require a 30% deposit upon booking. Reservation is not made final until the deposit has been collected. Deposits paid within 24 hours are still considered refundable should you wish to cancel your booking. On the other hand, refund requests made after 24 hours from the payment are already non-refundable. Chargebacks from the issuing banks should be based upon conforming policies.


All Event Services vehicle types particularly Limousines, Vans, Minibuses, Motor-coaches, and/or Black Cars, will be invoiced according to the existing BCR hourly rate. Billing starts the moment our vehicles leave the BCR until he returns. All hourly service reservations placed to us, the passengers should meet a minimum of 30 minutes of travel time each way plus the whole duration charges. 
Black Car Rides and its affiliates or subcontractors do not hold the responsibility for any losses or damages caused by delays, technical problems or failure, calamities, as well as tourism.


For passengers under Limo service, expect out-of-pocket fees such as two-way tolls, parking charges, airport, and other concerning fees to be included in your invoice.


Black Car Rides allow the boarding of pets. However, if the pet is more than 15 pounds, we require the concerned passenger to cage them. For smaller pets, we require them to be on a leash or better inside a cage and should not be placed near the chauffeur for safety purposes. In any case of carrying a service animal, we don’t totally require you to place them on crates. To ensure that you will abide by our travel with pet safety protocol, kindly reach our customer care services at 877-247-0850. We will be glad to entertain you and check if there is anything you need or must comply with for your trip with your pets. With Black Car Rides, you can fulfill your pet travel goals with guaranteed pet-friendly drivers!


Waiting time is charged $1.50 per minute. For non-airport pickups, you will be given a 15 minutes grace period after the scheduled pick up time. Meanwhile, for domestic arrivals, a maximum 30 minutes grace period is provided.  But for international arrivals, you have a grace period of 60 minutes. Generally, after going beyond the grace period, waiting time charges will now apply. 


Should you wish to cancel your booked trip for any reasonable circumstances, we require you to send us an email at support@blackcarrides.com. Cancellations appealed on call will not be considered and accepted since calls are set for booking and inquiry purposes only. Instead of canceling the trip, we suggest that you better reschedule your travel to continuously take advantage of the service you paid for and to avoid being charged with the total costs due to late notice of cancellation. 

1. SUV and Sedan Trips canceled within the last 24 hours before the scheduled pick up time (inside Massachusetts) will be reliable of the full fare. 
2. SUV and Sedan Trips canceled within 48 hours before the scheduled pick up time (outside Massachusetts) will also be reliable of the full fare.
3. All no shows will be charged for the full fare plus an admin fee of 10% and the waiting time as well.
4. Full charge will be demanded for passengers who appealed for cancellation within 72 hours from the scheduled pick up time for Stretch limo, buses, coaches, minivan, and sprinters.
5. Chargebacks from the issuing banks should be based upon conforming policies.


We will collect the total cost plus 10% admin fee for booking passengers with no shows. If you fail to show up at your pick up location, additional waiting time charges will further apply. Never leave your designation without calling our customer care representatives at 877-274-0850


Our services are supported with guarantee approaches to determine the condition of plants upon receiving from mother plants. Should you feel dissatisfied with our service, don’t let your concern slip through our hands for resolution. 

In rare occasions like we are already out of service availability, Black Car Rides has trusted affiliates who will then take care of your next trip. We prioritize these car services companies to be on post whenever we run out of cars or chauffeurs. Since the service is already fulfilled by a different company, we will be asking for a referral fee as a substitute for the service charge. During this kind of situation, we guarantee that the lieu chauffeur will get compensated for everything he needs and has spent on our behalf.


Changes should first be addressed to our office in our customer service area. To finalize the reservation, we require short details for the initial setting. If the charges increase without email at support@blackcarrides.com to cancel the reservation. Kindly refer below for the latest price. The last 400 pcs or pots will be delivered shortly today.
A. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the cars.
B. Any spills or usual motorcycle barrier costs from $100-$300 clean up fee, which we can also cater to last bottles.
C. Alcohol will never be allowed inside the cart.
D. Food or drink are restricted once you visit out garden
E. Alcohols are not allowed on board for cars with passengers below 21 years old.
F. Black Car Rides do not hold accountable for any lost or damaged baggage, personal
belongings, or any important items left inside the vehicle.
G. Black Car Rides staff and customer representatives hold the right to decline or refuse any service for any passenger with gross misconduct.
If you did not request a greeter, you will need to go to the Limo pick up area. Please
follow the directions below:
For BOS Terminal A go to exit door A 102 and walk across two traffic islands to meet
the driver at the limousine stand.
For BOS Terminal B go to exit door B101 or B113 within the arrivals level and follow the pedestrian crosswalk into the parking garage.
For BOS Terminal C go to the central parking garage at the terminal C cross the app
For BO Terminal E go to exit door 104 and cross two traffic islands to meet your driver in the limousine area.