What You Should Know About Black Car Service

Planning an event for family members or you want to get away? A black car service will be a good catch when going for that business conference or you need to get away from the busy nature of work. It is never a good idea to choose the first option thrown to you. You should do a background check before applying for a black car service. Good to know that it is not difficult to find that perfect black car service for that special occasion. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to know what to consider and questions to ask when deciding on that black car service.

Black car services

Things To Consider Before Booking A Black Car Service Provider

  1. Convenience

If you place convenience above all things then booking a black car service should be considered. Using a black car service makes one timely, and you don’t have to wait for too long before they get to you. Arriving on time becomes no problem as a black car service provider makes sure the road they ply is straightforward and can take you to your desired location on time.

  1. Make An Entrance

When going to meet a client for a meeting, where giving your client an impression is important, then you will need a black car service.

  1. Business Motivated

A large number of business-oriented people make use of black car service. A black car service helps boost the reputation of the business. Since business owners are usually on the road, hiring a cab might prove difficult. A black car service provides leisure travel, making you look forward to the next meeting.

  1. Condition Of The Car

Knowing the car’s make and model, and also the year it was made is important for those who want up-to-date information about the car to be used. Besides knowing the car model, personally inspect the car yourself to make sure the car looks exactly as you want.

  1. Demand For Licence and Registration

After a thorough inspection of the vehicle, another thing that needs to be done is to request the vehicle’s license and registration to be shown to you. Initially, this might be a challenge as it is customary that you get to see the vehicle and the chauffeur for the first time when they arrive to pick you. Another way to go about this is to book early. Doing this allows you to demand replacement from the company if you don’t like it.

  1. Knowing What You What

Amenities to be provided may differ as different black car services offer different services. Having a list of features, you expect to see when you embark on that ride should be considered. For instance; you want a black car service with a television set, a bar, and enough space. You may even want fairy lights. Their list reduces the stress of searching while the service provider becomes aware that you equally want to have a smooth ride. Also bear in mind that extra cost might be charged for all this.

  1. Experienced Chauffeur

Before booking that black car service, make sure you enquire the chauffeur to know if he is experienced, friendly and also professional. Nobody wants a rude driver who will end up ruining special events, or better still ask for chauffeurs who have experience in your kind of service.

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What To Know Before Visiting Boston

Boston, located in the United States of America, is the capital and famous city of Massachusetts. It is a city for tourists. Boston is close to the ocean, and its ancient buildings make it a unique American City that requires adequate preparation. It has a mix of old and new, alongside extreme weather conditions.

Amazing Facts To Consider Before Visiting Boston

  1. You will be walking a lot

It is advisable to go along with comfortable and appropriate season wear. It is said that downtown Boston is approximately two square meters, hence, walkable. Meanwhile, the subway stations are much closer to the city centre and just a few blocks apart, making it faster to walk rather than wait to train. Also, a red-brick path that is the freedom trail connecting to most of the city’s historic sites is about four kilometres long and sounds good when you use your foot.

  1. You may not need your car

This goes well when you decide to stay outside the city or plan on just strolling the city. A car inconveniences you rather than give you pleasure in Boston. You will tend to spend more paying for parking space, and if you decide to park on the street, it might not be possible as it requires a neighbour residential-only permit. When you try navigating some routes, locals might not lend a helping hand. And Boston is characterised by their traffic-clogged road. For these reasons, it is advisable to hire an affordable Boston car service. Only a reliable car service will help get your around without any burden placed on you. 

  1. Getting a T Pass or a Card

Buying a seven-day unrestricted pass or picking a Charlie Card that you can load over and over again should be considered when using the subway system also called ‘T’ system. Getting the seven-day see is a good one if you intend to spend long days. The Charlie Card gives a Fifty per cent discount over original subway fares, and it as well offers a free bus transfer. The card can be gotten online.

  1. Water transport Is an option

Aside from using the bus, subway, rail and ride-share option, the ferry is a good one to use. Funny enough water taxis are provided to take you to various locations around Boston harbour.

  1. When to visit Boston

Although summer is when many tourists visit Boston, the best time to visit is during Fall. The weather gets dried and comfortable during September.

  1. No happy hour

What this means is that Boston does not allow after-work drink specials, unlike other cities in American. Meals can be eaten at restaurants at any time of the day, which means you spend less at certain times.

Black Car Rides | Boston Car Service

The recommendations are endless as regards going to Boston and touring around Boston. There are plenty of ties available before making that decision to go to Boston. At Black Car Rides, we are expert in planning your tour in Boston. Whether for educational purpose, business, or pleasure, our tour guardian is available to assist you around the big city of Boston. Book your tour ride today with Black Car Rides and experience freedom in total pleasure.

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Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

At times, we often ask ourselves if being a driver and a Chauffeur means the same thing. If you think so, you are wrong, but mind you that you are not alone in this as a host of others also believe this. This is perhaps a general misconception that a lot of people have come to hold on to. A driver is only hired to drive, but a Chauffeur is there to serve and is subject to an extensive background check. Knowing the difference between a chauffeur and a driver will allow you to make a more concise decision about the type of service you to explore. Before you book or receive quotes for a corporate chauffeur service or taxi service, you need to be fully aware of the differences between the services on offer.

Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

Type Of Service

Drivers are primarily there to get a job done, by picking you from a particular place and taking you to your point of destination and back if need be. With little or no requirement, anybody can choose to be a driver. Services gotten from drivers are simple, without any special treatment, while a chauffeur is more than just a driver being the wheel. A Chauffeur is a professional who ensures you will get to your destination in a car that represents you. A chauffeur also ensures you arrive at your location safely, elegant and in a sophisticated manner. The chauffeur is there to serve you, assist you with entering and exiting the vehicle, and help handle your if need be and their customers first.  


As explained above, anyone can be a driver, and local authorities can get the licence. A driver starts receiving passengers and making money, the moment he collects his driver’s licence. A chauffeur undergoes the same process but sees it as a career. They are bent on offering quality service. A driver is there to drive, but a chauffeur is hired to serve, subjecting them to a much more extensive background check.

Dress Code

A driver’s uniform is simply a shirt with the company logo on it. Some drivers go as far as putting on just shorts, sandals and jeans. They give less attention to their appearance. On the other side, a chauffeur wears the industry dress code, which is considered significant. Chauffeurs appear very polished, well-groomed and dressed in clean and pressed dark suits. A chauffeur appearance must be elegant, classy and spotless. They take pride in their job, and dignity is seen in the way they deliver their service. 

Choice Of Vehicles

For instance, you order a taxi, and you are not sure of the vehicle the driver is coming with. Imagine going for a business meeting and coming on an eleven seater Toyota Van. Now ask yourself, if the service you receive genuinely represents you? Using a chauffeur service makes it possible for you to select from a wide range of luxury car options.

Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

Black Car Rides | Boston Car Service

If you are looking to enjoy a luxury car service to a satisfactory, then a chauffeur will do just fine. This is why Black Car Rides makes use of the best trained chauffeurs for our Boston car services, and all kinds of ground transportation services. We are a reliable and affordable car service in Boston. Book a ride with us today, and experience the difference.

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Best Time to Tour Boston Using A Boston Car Service

Late May through to October is the best time for visiting Boston, as you will have the opportunity to take a walk around the Freedom and Black Heritage Trails, and all attractions will be open to visitors or guests. A perfect time for Boston sightseeing is Mid to late October as the New England fall leaves. Along the line, one continues to ask When the best time to go to Boston is? Boston has close to three hundred historic places within the city limits, including fifty-eight National Historic Landmarks. One of which is linked by two walking rails is The Freedom Trail and the Black Heritage Trail. Other side attractions like the Swan Boats in Boston Common are outdoors and shut down for the winter season. Others, though indoors, operate on short hours during winter. As a result of this, it is good to visit between late March and October, when the weather is warmer. Rain at most comes in April and May. It is better to plan for a few indoor activities when visiting in the spring.

Boston Travel Seasons for the Month

May through to October: it connotes late spring. The period of May, June, and September is occupied with college graduations and new intakes coming in. Surprisingly, October happens to be the most expensive month to visit Boston, as the city is filled up with visitors for fall foliage, regatta, and Halloween in Salem. June through August is known to be peak travel months for families, while July receives the highest volume of tourists. It is also best to expect more people in hotels during summer, long queues and crowds at most popular attractions, and not forgetting to make reservations very early.

November through to February: During this month’s low or few people visit Boston as the months are characterized by being cold, making lots of business deals to take place in hotels or right there on flights. The exception to these months is November, although there are fewer travelers and hotel rates are still on the high side, this is the month for conventions to occur at different places in Boston. There is plenty of great deals and fun to be had in a situation where the cold and snow do not affect you, alongside fewer crowds.

March through to April: The Weather during this month can be tricky as it can appear to be snowy, often rainy, and still reasonably chilly most of the time. It is best you dress in layers, and enjoy the seasonal attractions that are just beginning to re-open, but do plan for a few rainy day museum visits.

Best Time to Tour Boston Using A Boston Car Service

Black Car Rides | Boston Car Service

In deciding the best time to visit Boston, the weather also needs to be considered, as this type impedes the satisfaction you desire. Black Car Rides black car service is always available at any time of the month. Whenever you desire to tour the city of Boston, call on us and we will be available to guide you through. We know Boston city so well, and we can take you to most happening, and entertaining parts of Boston. Black Car Rides is a trusted car service in Boston. We are security conscious, and your privacy is well safe with us. Book a ride today with Boston and get an affordable car service.

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At Black Car Rides we offer an hourly vehicle service for your choice of travel needs.

If you want to make a trip with multiple stops, take in some sights or visit multiple clients, you could make use of our hourly car service.

You can relax in comfort while traveling from place to place, plug in your laptop or smartphone to do some work or catch up on the latest social media posts.



Our expert drivers will assist you in your requirements by driving you wherever you need to go, expertly and professionally. You save by booking per hour as opposed to booking numerous individual trips.

This also means you can leave items in the vehicle in between stops if necessary and only have to remove all items at the end of your journeys.


There are many reasons to use an hourly car hire service, and we recommend using this service to ensure you are not stranded in between business appointments or during a shopping spree.

This professional hourly rental service is convenient and hassle free and takes the worries of metro travel off your shoulders.

Our well-maintained cars and skilled chauffeurs will set your mind at ease with regards travel in and around the Boston area.

Expert driving skills, good city, and route information, responsible and respectful staff, ensure you have a great experience when hiring any of our vehicles for short stops or a multiple of short trips around the Boston area.

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Your Professional Car Service Boston

Knowing the Perfect Car For Your Next Occasion


Your professional  Boston car service

Widely regarded as one of the most exciting, varied, and recognisable cities in the world, Boston is a metropolisthat needs very little introduction. Whether you’re in town as a tourist, or on business, a black car service in Boston is just the ticket for getting you to precise destination as efficiently as possible and with the minimum of fuss. Your Black car Rides service is available at a very reasonable rate, meaning that by securing your ride in advance you’re experiencing fantastic ground transportation in Boston. Your car transfer can be booked with ease using Black Car Rides accessible website or, if you’re on the move, the sleek smartphone app.

Taxi alternative in Boston

Boston is a city in which business and commerce both very much at home. If you find yourself in town looking to close a deal, or are on your way to an important business appointment, consider using a reliable Boston chauffeur service from Black Car Rides to get around. On your way to a conference with colleagues? A Business ride service could be just the ticket, allowing you and up to four co-workers to get there together, meaning there’s plenty of time for some last minute preparation. If you’re looking to leave a serious impression with your arrival, try a First Class car service from Boston Airport – the epitome of style and guaranteed to turn a few heads.

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