what do we to stop the spread of COVID-19

What is Black Car Rides doing to help chauffeurs and guests stay safe?

In between each ride, chauffeurs thoroughly disinfect vehicles. Chauffeurs have also changed several parts of the typical ride experience. For example, they now wear masks and gloves. They greet guests with a slight bow instead of a handshake. Chauffeurs provide guests a mask in case guests do not have one, and they offer hand sanitizer. They also removed newspapers and magazines from seatbacks.

Black Car Rides also reduced the maximum number of guests per vehicle to ensure that the front passenger seat remains free, providing maximum social distancing in vehicles. No more than two guests may ride in Business Class and First Class vehicles and no more than four guests may ride in Business Vans and SUVs.

We also ask all guests who are showing any symptoms or have tested positive to not book a Black Car Rides ride until you receive a doctor’s permission to travel.

What happens if a chauffeur or Black Car Rides employee is directly affected or tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Safety of our guests, chauffeurs, and employees is our top priority. We require any employee or chauffeur who tests positive to inform Black Car Rides immediately. Once informed, we will notify those who were in contact with the affected person for the previous two weeks. We directed all chauffeurs who suspect they may be sick to not perform any rides. Any chauffeur who tests positive for coronavirus may not perform Black Car Rides for 14 days or until receiving a doctor’s permission.

Am I supposed to wear a face mask during the ride?
Yes, we kindly require guests to wear masks during rides. This protects chauffeurs and future guests, as more than 20% of infected people show no symptoms and could spread the virus unknowingly.

What if I test positive for COVID-19?

In case you or one of your co-travelers get tested positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of riding with Black Car Rides, please inform us immediately. This will help us to stop the spread.

Can I still use Black Car Rides globally?

We accept bookings globally and monitor country and local travel restrictions. We also encourage travelers to double check their schedules and plans during this time of evolving restrictions. If new safety measures would prevent an existing booking from occurring, we will notify guests and modify or cancel rides without penalty. It’s important to note that we cannot perform cross-border trips right now due to closed borders and quarantine requirements. We comply with local rules and will take the necessary actions to protect public health and the wellbeing of guests and chauffeurs.

What is the cancellation policy?

Black Car Rides has the most customer-friendly policy in the industry, with guests able to change or cancel most one-way rides up to an hour before the pickup time. The exception is longer-distance inter-city rides, which must be changed or canceled 24 hours in advance. If the coronavirus has caused you to make a last-minute cancellation, please inform Black Car Rides as soon as possible so we can best care for you and our chauffeurs.

What will happen if I am delayed due to long queues at the airport?

Black Car Rides includes one hour of complimentary waiting time for all airport pickups. However, we know that airport arrival procedures may change unexpectedly. Therefore, we suggest that guests arriving internationally schedule the chauffeur to arrive 60 minutes or later after the flight arrival time. We are also asking for chauffeurs to be flexible and wait longer than an hour if at all possible.

Can chauffeurs assist guests with luggage and other personal effects?

Yes, chauffeurs will continue to provide the same personal assistance with luggage and other belongings. If you prefer to handle your luggage personally, please inform the chauffeur. He or she will open and close the trunk so only you will touch your belongings. If the chauffeur handles your luggage, s/he will wipe down the luggage handles before handing it back to you.

Does Black Car Rides offer city-to-city rides?

Yes, Black Car Rides offers rides between cities for all vehicle classes, as long as the estimated travel time is six hours or less. Because of coronavirus travel restrictions, city-to-city rides right now cannot cross country borders. You can book these rides on our website and app with as little as 12 hours’ notice before the pickup time. Our site links to even better fares for our most common city pairs for one-way rides and round trips. Please note that due to social distancing requirements, Black Car Rides permits no more than two guests in Business Class and First Class vehicles and no more than four guests in Business Vans and SUVs.

Can I schedule a stop along the way of a city-to-city ride to pick up another passenger?

No. Guest pickup and dropoff is permitted only in the designated locations provided at the time of booking.

Are hourly bookings still available?

Yes, guests can still take hourly rides in all cities, in all vehicle classes. Hourly rides give guests a safe, private space with only one chauffeur for two or more hours. Guests can provide their planned stops in advance or simply direct the chauffeur where to drive on an as-needed basis. Hourly rides can be canceled without penalty 24 hours or longer in advance.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Black Car Rides 24/7 customer service using the chat button in the bottom right corner of our website or the “Via Chat”

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How safe is car service amidst pandemic?

Since flights to any point in the world have been grounded, we will eventually reach into a point where we no longer make this new normal a big deal, and we’ll just get used to its restrictions imposed. Although we don’t have any idea how that will turn out, one thing is certain, people can go travel back again to their favorite places, seize holidays into countries they’ve never been to before, and experience car tours or joy rides, sight-seeing, culture hopping, and food trips. 

When that time comes, anybody could assert that people will more likely want to know and scrutinize the cleanliness and safety of every car to be used. Even though car service providers have always been focusing on maintaining the tidiness of their cars on the fleet, the current condition gives more of a pressure to them as this has been made more important than everything. Remember the shining black limo car you see in the car service provider’s parking lot? Previously, it is undeniable that they immensely create an ecstatic feeling making you yearn of riding it. However, given this pandemic, it’s like you are having more doubts than confidence. It makes you think of weighing your dream over your health. 

Yet at the present state, car service companies have maximized their efforts in terms of the health security of their clients. Policies for cleaning cars for any chauffeured services have been implemented and are extracted to every car service company to ensure the safety of the passengers. If compared to the practices before the coronavirus pandemic, results will show that there is definitely a more firm guideline in the cleaning procedures and regulation today. 

When riding a car from a car service company, make sure to secure yourself from the possibility of catching the virus. To start with, you must know the areas of a car that are identified to be at high-risk to its high-level contact requirement by the driver and the passenger to fulfill the service. The following areas are emphasized to be cleaned and sanitized regularly every hour: 

  • Inside and Outside Door Handles
  • Key/Fob
  • Steering Wheel
  • Gear lever
  • Fuel Cap
  • Switchgear (radio, heater, sat-nav controls)
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Internal touchpoints (seat pockets, cup holders, etc)
  • Seatbelts

Nonetheless, the social distancing of every passenger is maintained within each ride. We follow every measure needed to cope up with the requirements set by the state as it is also our job to secure the safety of our passengers.

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