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Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

At times, we often ask ourselves if being a driver and a Chauffeur means the same thing. If you think so, you are wrong, but mind you that you are not alone in this as a host of others also believe this. This is perhaps a general misconception that a lot of people have come to hold on to. A driver is only hired to drive, but a Chauffeur is there to serve and is subject to an extensive background check. Knowing the difference between a chauffeur and a driver will allow you to make a more concise decision about the type of service you to explore. Before you book or receive quotes for a corporate chauffeur service or taxi service, you need to be fully aware of the differences between the services on offer.

Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

Type Of Service

Drivers are primarily there to get a job done, by picking you from a particular place and taking you to your point of destination and back if need be. With little or no requirement, anybody can choose to be a driver. Services gotten from drivers are simple, without any special treatment, while a chauffeur is more than just a driver being the wheel. A Chauffeur is a professional who ensures you will get to your destination in a car that represents you. A chauffeur also ensures you arrive at your location safely, elegant and in a sophisticated manner. The chauffeur is there to serve you, assist you with entering and exiting the vehicle, and help handle your if need be and their customers first.  


As explained above, anyone can be a driver, and local authorities can get the licence. A driver starts receiving passengers and making money, the moment he collects his driver’s licence. A chauffeur undergoes the same process but sees it as a career. They are bent on offering quality service. A driver is there to drive, but a chauffeur is hired to serve, subjecting them to a much more extensive background check.

Dress Code

A driver’s uniform is simply a shirt with the company logo on it. Some drivers go as far as putting on just shorts, sandals and jeans. They give less attention to their appearance. On the other side, a chauffeur wears the industry dress code, which is considered significant. Chauffeurs appear very polished, well-groomed and dressed in clean and pressed dark suits. A chauffeur appearance must be elegant, classy and spotless. They take pride in their job, and dignity is seen in the way they deliver their service. 

Choice Of Vehicles

For instance, you order a taxi, and you are not sure of the vehicle the driver is coming with. Imagine going for a business meeting and coming on an eleven seater Toyota Van. Now ask yourself, if the service you receive genuinely represents you? Using a chauffeur service makes it possible for you to select from a wide range of luxury car options.

Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur

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Distinguishing Between A Driver and a Chauffeur